Love is the Evidence

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Recently, I had someone essentially call me stupid for believing in creation. I wish I could say this doesn’t make me angry, but I’m human and it’s frustrating to have people question your intelligence because they don’t like what you believe.

But I don’t let it stay with me. Because it’s not about me. This person doesn’t know my IQ, how much research I’ve done or the struggle I went through when I became a creationist. All this person knows is that I don’t agree with them.

Is that what we’re coming to in this world? Anyone who doesn’t believe the way we do must not be as enlightened as us? I could spend all day arguing the evidence for creation (and much material on this blog does just that), but I know that scientific arguments aren’t enough evidence to convince skeptics that there is a creator.

Don’t get me wrong, lots of scientific evidence points to creation, but Jesus said,

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

John 13:35

Love is the evidence.

My own faith wasn’t inspired by arguments, but by a search for the truth, spurred on by the love I saw in my husband’s family. Their love was something entirely unselfish and new to me and I wanted to find out where it came from.

A persuasive argument can reach someone’s head, but not their heart. You can’t argue anyone into or out of love.

So, how do I show love to all those who disagree with my beliefs? I pray.

I pray for good things to happen to them and I pray for God things to happen to them. They may never know that I do this, but somewhere in their life, they will see the evidence of love. And maybe, just maybe, they will question where it came from.


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