Skinny Scare


Those super skinny jeans so many people wear may soon cause a health crisis of nerve-tingling proportions. A few days ago an Australian woman ended up in the hospital because of her jeans. This woman had been helping relatives move all day in skinny jeans. She had been squatting and working out her muscles and her jeans had felt tighter as the day went on. When she left to walk home that night, her feet wouldn’t move properly, causing her to fall.

She lay on the pavement for hours before receiving help. At the hospital, they discovered her legs were so swollen, they had to cut off her jeans. How on earth had her jeans caused such problems?

Doctors said the squatting was much to blame. As the woman cut off the blood supply to her calves, the muscles started to swell, but they couldn’t swell outward as they normally would because the jeans constricted them. Instead, they swelled inward putting pressure on her tibial nerves and breaking down the muscle fibers. This caused a type of partial paralysis from her knees down.

Her condition could have been serious because a lack of blood flow to the muscles can lead to permanent nerve damage or amputation. Fortunately, this woman didn’t suffer those consequences. After four days in the hospital, she regained feeling in her feet and was able to go home. But I’m guessing she won’t put on another pair of skinny jeans anytime soon.

From painfully high heels to scary skinny jeans, this world would have us believe we must torture ourselves to be beautiful. But that’s not God’s view of us. He says we are all beautiful to Him in our myriad of shapes and colors. We don’t have to suck in or plump up or lift and separate just so we can look like everyone else. Celebrate who you are—who God made you to be—not who your clothes are trying to make you into.



Photo Credit: ID 37779747 © Pogrebkov |


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