The Grand Designer


If evolution is so grand a designer, I want to ask it a question. I want to know why I don’t have massive teeth like a T-Rex (I wouldn’t need steak knives any more) or why I can’t carry five times my body weight like an ant (that would really help with the laundry). But seriously, why didn’t humans get more advantages like the other animals?

If evolution is so grand a designer, why are species disappearing at an alarming rate? I find it hard to believe it’s all because of us, humans. Species have gone extinct for thousands of years (some would say millions) and was that always us?

If evolution is so grand a designer, why do I see the same old animals? Why aren’t any animals evolving extra appendages or new abilities? It’s not because all the animals are perfectly adapted to their niches. It that were true, we wouldn’t see much extinction of species at all.

If evolution is so grand a designer, why did it use random processes? Oh wait, if something is designed it’s not random. So, how could evolution design things at random? Isn’t that kind of like me throwing a bunch of Legos together in a bin and calling the parts that stick together randomly designed?

If evolution is so grand a designer, couldn’t God have used it? Yep, He could have, but He didn’t. How do I know? Because the Bible says He created us whole. Not little by little, but as whole functioning human beings.

Evolution is no grand designer. Why believe in a theory that has only assumptions with no evidence? And yet, scientists want to convince you, it’s true. Why?

Because it’s the only way to take God out of the design.

You are a masterfully built biological machine run by a dual core processor that’s out of this world, and hidden inside of you, like the special prize in a cereal box, is an eternal soul. How can we downgrade the miracle of one human being’s existence by calling it random?

There is nothing haphazard in your perfect, intricate body plan. You appear designed because God is your designer.

Photo Credit: © Dukepope | – Creation Of Adam Photo


2 thoughts on “The Grand Designer

  1. There is plenty of evidence for species evolving, you clearly have not looked for it. Your belief in god has made you blind to testable, quantifiable facts. What a shame…

    • Thank you for your comment. Actually, I have looked into this subject quite a bit. You didn’t say, but I’m guessing the evidence for species evolving that you’re referring to is the change we see in already existing species like fruit flies and bacteria. But this is normal variation within a species. Even under designed, optimal conditions in laboratories, scientists have never seen bacteria turn into fruit flies or any other type of change that you could call evolution. In fact, as designers ourselves, we haven’t been able to recreate in a laboratory (i.e. in a testable, quantifiable way) evolutionary change where any species has turned into a different species. My faith in God does not make me blind to evidence, but it does help me identify when faith is required to believe in something. Again, thank you for expressing your views here.

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