Fun Science Fact


You’ve probably heard that hippos can be dangerous in submerged water. They are very territorial animals. In many rivers, they kill people by flipping over boats and drowning the occupants.

Recently though, I felt sorry for the hippos in Africa. A filmmaker captured footage of rowdy lions attacking local hippos at night just for sport. Lions rarely hunt hippos, but for fun these lions jumped onto the hippo’s back, dug in with their claws and hopped along with their back legs.

The poor hippos rushed back to the river in a panic. I don’t blame them. Big cats are some of my favorite animals, but I wouldn’t want to be nighttime play for a pack of lions either.


Reference: Prieme, Anders. “Africa by Night,” Science Illustrated, May/June 2012, 5(3), p. 56

Photo Credit: <a href=””>rorymizen</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;


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