Fun Science Fact


I love volcanoes! In fact, all three of the books I’ve written have a volcanologist (volcano geologist) in there somewhere. What draws me to them? It must be the primordial earth-generating thing or maybe it’s a danger thing. Aren’t we all attracted to the extreme places on our planet? Or maybe it’s just me.

Now, I can add one more dangerous thing about volcanoes to my list (as if gigantic explosions and fast flowing molten rock weren’t enough).


Volcanic lightning, or ‘dirty thunderstorms’, occur during powerful eruptions when ash and dust are ejected into the air in a great cloud. These particles carry strong electrical charges, which generate enormous lightning bolts that flash through the churning ash clouds.

I believe this picture is computer generated, but the actual pictures of volcanic lightning are just as spectacular. To see some, click here.


Photo Credit: ID 27558491 © Satori13 |


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