Fun Science Fact


Crop circles are one hoax that the general public seems predisposed to believe. Think about it. A hoax that even when proven fake still retains its air of mystery and the supernatural. It makes me wonder why we desperately want to believe in beings from another planet. As if we’re somehow alone if the four billion people on our planet is the sole population of the universe.

But I digress. Back to crop circles. Before the modern and elaborate circles started, there were a few reports of smashed crops that were claimed to be “saucer nests.”

In 1976 in England, two buddies were talking over drinks about the saucer nests. These men, Doug Brower and Dave Chorley, thought it would be funny to make it look like a flying saucer had landed in a nearby field. They had no idea how far the idea would go. Although they never claimed to create all the crops circles—many were done by copycat pranksters—they did admit the fraud in 1991.

Most crop circles today are concentrated in southern England. Every year, anonymous circle-makers create elaborate works of art. Maybe some are just expressing their artistic side. Some are probably trying to draw in “croppies,” those who believe the crop circles are supernatural, to boost tourism.

But why do people continue to believe in crop circles despite the evidence they are fake? Maybe it’s the longing in our souls for the mysterious. We seem to have a God-given bent toward the supernatural. In fact, Doug Brower now says he wishes he would have kept quiet and not exposed this hoax at all. Perhaps he too would like to dwell at little longer in the mystery.



Photo Credit: ID 41660173 © Wesley Abrams |


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