Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice!

Phil 4:4

Today was a glorious day. When you’ve been sick since Sunday and on Saturday you finally find the energy to clean off the kitchen counter, then it’s a glorious day. So today, I’ve gotten my first burst of energy in a week; God gave me a great ending to my novel; my son, who had been struggling, had a great basketball game where he kept control of his emotions; and my oldest daughter learned to use her booty in basketball for defense (my husband tells me this is a good thing).

This day made me smile. At the end of this day, it hit me that glorious days are all relative.

If I hadn’t had the hard days in between, then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this day as much. That’s how it’s possible for people to become millionaires, get everything they desire, and still be miserable. Those people live in a controlled bubble, insulated from all hardships. I’m willing to bet I have more glorious days than the average millionaire.

If a glorious day is relative, then in truth, every day is glorious because of what we escaped from when we became children of God. We were wallowing in a pit of sin. We were slaves to that sin. Now we are not!

We have been set free in every sense of the word. Our circumstances don’t bind our spirits.

I try to remember that truth when the sorrow and frustration creep in. Many days down here on earth will be hard and we won’t feel like calling every day glorious, but we can rejoice in each day because of what God has done.

Dear Father, thank you for the days you have given us. Help us to appreciate each one as people who have been released from the sickness of sin. We are free–what a reason to rejoice! In Jesus’s name, amen.


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