Fun Science Fact

The treatment for gunshot wounds hasn’t changed in over a century—on limbs apply a tourniquet to stop bleeding, in the trunk of the body stuff gauze into the wound to curb the blood flow. A new syringe called the XStat could change all this. The syringe releases a mass of tiny sponges to the wound which immediately swell to stem the bleeding.

This is especially helpful for wounds to the pelvis or shoulder. Made from wood pulp coated with a blood-clotting antimicrobial substance derived from the shells of shrimp, the sponges can plug a wound in 15 seconds. The sponges are then removed manually at the hospital.

Blood sucking sponges. Makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of this before (even as a bad horror movie).

Note: I couldn’t find a picture to use for this post where I wouldn’t be infringing on copyright, so to see a picture of this on the RevMedX site, click here (warning: the first picture contains some blood).


Reference: “The Sponge Syringe That Seals Gunshot Wounds in Seconds,” Science Uncovered, 6, May 2014, p. 49.


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