But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,

the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Psalm 33:11

I’ve just finished the rough first draft of my third novel and it’s bad. The prose is ugly and the plot needs major surgery, but that’s why they call it a rough draft, right? It’s not supposed to be pretty at this stage. Over the next two months, I’ll clean it up, put a nice dress on it (well, maybe more like a scary costume since it’s a suspense novel) and you won’t even recognize it when it’s done.

Isn’t that kind of like us? We’re always a work in progress, continually being fixed up by God’s loving guidance. Only, we won’t ever reach the point of being done (this side of heaven). Sometimes I think it sounds exhausting to know I’m going to work on myself until I die, but I get it, I really do. Because I know even after I call this novel done, I’ll pick it up six months from now and want to change something. Not much, just a little tweak to make the prose run smoother or heighten the suspense. But a little tweak can make a big difference in the overall effect. And God loves us enough to keep tweaking us day after day.

Thankfully, God never has plot problems. He never has gaps or holes in His plan. And, unlike me with my characters, He doesn’t sit around wondering what other crazy stuff He can do to us. He knows what’s coming. Sometimes He helps us to prepare and sometimes He just helps us make it through. But always He keeps the plan of His Kingdom moving forward.

Dear Lord, thank you for being the ultimate plotter. You have a plan even when things seem to come at me randomly. Guide me and help me to see these events as You do. In Jesus’s name, amen.


2 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. Love the comparison to writing and your novel. Great job in finishing that 3rd rough draft! Praise to the Author of life!

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