Fun Science Fact


Every day scientists discover more amazing things about our God-designed bodies. In 2005, scientists isolated a natural pain-killer from human saliva. Studies in rats show it’s even more powerful at blocking pain than morphine, without the dependency issues. Scientists are still working out the potential of this substance called opiorphin (no, I’m not making this up). I found the original article cited below, along with many other articles in 2006, but only a few studies on it since then. The chemical apparently breaks down easily in our gut (go figure, since it’s in saliva), so maybe researchers are still working on how to deliver the chemical for pain relief in a human? In the rats, they injected the opiorphin into their paws.

Our bodies are such incredible chemical factories. I imagine God smiling every time we isolate another piece of his handy work.

If anyone else finds out more about this, please let me know.


Photo Credit: ID 34452628 © Citalliance |

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