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Fun Facts about Red Heads

  • Red is the rarest of all hair colors because the trait is recessive (which mean both parents must have the trait for it to be expressed in the offspring).
  • Red hair with blue eyes is the rarest combination because both traits are recessive.
  • The United States has the highest population of red heads—6-18 million, or 2-6% of the population. The range in data comes from the difference in categorizing red heads. For instance, did the researchers count strawberry blondes or reddish-brown haired individuals?
  • Men are twice as likely to have red hair as women.
  • In ancient Egypt, red heads were buried alive as a sacrifice to the god Osiris.
  • Red heads are twice as likely to get Parkinsons and also require 20% more anesthesia during surgery (the reason for these two associations has not been determined).
  • Natural red hair is harder to dye because it holds its pigment more than the other colors.
  • The actual cause of red hair is due to a mutation on the MC1R gene located on chromosome 16.
  • Barring a worldwide catastrophe, the red headed trait will never completely die out. The number of red heads may decrease, but because the trait is recessive, it can skip generations, which means red heads will always be with us.

I’m not a red head, but I have several friends who are. I applaud them as a unique creation designed by God. He loves diversity and He is diverse in his love.

References:,, Hairdresser Nora Fortune with Salon Aria

Photo Credit: © Deni Barbay | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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