Fun Science Fact


Did you know krypton is an actual element? Not kryptonite, but krypton.

Number 36 on the periodic table, discovered in 1898, krypton is a gas that is found in our atmosphere at 0.0001% (compared to about 20% oxygen in our atmosphere). Once thought inert, scientists now know it can bond with a few elements, like fluoride to make krypton difluoride.

Ionized krypton gas appears brilliant white. Krypton is used commercially in neon-type signs and as a filler gas in many types of bulbs from fluorescent to incandescent.

Krypton-fluoride lasers have enormous power, about 500 times the power of the U.S. electrical grid, but they only last four billionths of a second.


Photo Credit: ID 7136990 © Fabrizio Zanier |








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