Programmed Death by Design


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Did you know certain cells are programmed to do a job and then die? Maybe you thought every cell would be programmed to fight for its life, but that’s just not true. Some cells sacrifice themselves to allow other structures to form for the greater good of the organism. Many of these cells die during the process of human growth in the womb.

Some provide scaffolding for organs to grow and others must die to complete the function of the organ. A great example is the formation of the eye. In a developing fetus, the lens and the cornea grow together in one unit. For the eye to become functional, the lens must separate itself from the cornea so it can freely change shape and focus on objects. Cell death is programmed into the tethering cells, which die, allowing the lens to detach from the cornea. The destiny of these cells is to die. Without their sacrifice, the purpose of the eye would go unfulfilled.

But programmed cell death doesn’t just occur in the womb. Every day, cells die to create our skin. The covering on the outside of our bodies consists of cells that are killed by an infusion of the protein keratin, which chokes off the cell. These cells have to die so that the rest of our cells can be protected.

I think cell death, programmed by God, is a stirring example of sacrifice. And just like those cells, our purpose will go unfulfilled if we don’t give our lives over to God’s plans.

What do you think? Is cell death evidence of design? How would programmed cell death evolve?



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