Fun Science Fact


 ID 31615927 © Corey A. Ford |

For some reason, this goofy looking dinosaur is one of my favorites. Parasaurolophus, which means “Crested Lizard,” was discovered in 1922 and is named for the large crest that comes off its head. The crest was hollow and extended backward as much as six feet. It may have been used to make fog-horn like sounds, enhance its sense of smell or in mating displays. No one knows for sure.

Parasaurolophus, one of the duck-billed dinosaurs, grew up to 40 feet long and 8 feet tall, weighing around 2 tons. It was a plant eating, bipedal dinosaur that probably got down on all fours to forage for plants.

Originally, paleontologists thought the crest served as a snorkel and that this dinosaur must have spent time in the water. But since there is no nostril at the top, this theory has been dismissed. Also, fossilized stomach contents have shown digested land plants, suggesting Parasaurolophus spent more time on land where it ate pine needles, leaves and twigs.

The whole group of duck-billed dinosaurs look to me like gigantic cows. Which makes me wonder how a dinosaur Big Mac would have tasted?




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