Fun Science Fact


 © Kurt | Dreamstime Stock Photos

On Easter, our family celebrates the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross. He was accused as an innocent man and he stood trial, but Pontius Pilate didn’t render judgment on Jesus—God did. In his holy wisdom, God knew we needed a savior to pay the penalty for our sin. It should have been us up on that cross, but Jesus paid the price instead.

On this Good Friday, I thought I would debunk one of the myths surrounding Jesus’s death. For many years, people thought the Shroud of Turin could be the actual image of Jesus. It’s a linen shroud on which is the image of a man who appears to have been whipped and suffered crucifixion. The myth that this face shows Jesus continues to this day, despite the fact that scholars have dated the shroud (through radiocarbon dating) as coming from the 13th century AD (in medieval times).

While the shroud isn’t real, what Jesus did for us on the cross was. He became our substitute. He paid our penalty for all the bad things we’ve done, so that we may present ourselves before God as clean and Holy. This Easter spend some time thinking about the magnitude of that gift.




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