Fun Science Fact

puppy looking forlorn on the beach

© Gjs | Dreamstime Stock Photos

We all know dogs are able to smell drugs, bombs, and food dropped under the sofa. They accomplish these amazing feats because their noses have about fifty times the turbinates (odor analyzers) than ours. They also have forty times more of their brain devoted to analyzing smells than we do. In our brains we have about 5 million scent detecting cells, but dogs have scent detecting cells in the hundreds of millions.

All dog owners know their dogs are amazing, but did you know some dogs can smell cancer? Studies have shown dogs can smell the volatile chemicals given off by cancer cells in the urine of patients. One woman even claims her dog smelled cancer on her breath (see link below).

Sometimes I wonder why God didn’t give me a nose like that. Although it’s probably because then I wouldn’t be able to live with my husband.




2 thoughts on “Fun Science Fact

  1. Ah! Janice, this was soooo interesting. I read your blog but many times it’s from my iphone and it won’t let me comment. Loving your blog, friend. And I laughed at your “it’s probably because then I wouldn’t be able to live with my husband.” LOL I get that! ha!

    • Thanks for commenting, Jessica! Sorry you can’t comment from your phone. I’m not techie so I have no dea how to fix that. 🙂

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