Fun Science Fact

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Did you know there isn’t any carbonated soda or ice cream on the International Space Station? No ice cream because there is no freezer. No soda for two reasons: 1) too hard to keep the carbonation from leaching out of the containers and 2) belching is yucky in microgravity.

While in space, or microgravity as scientists like to call it, astronauts can burp, but it’s uncomfortable. Because there is no gravity, the contents of your stomach don’t settle, so food hangs out near the top of the stomach and close to the valve separating the stomach from the esophagus. This valve is a muscle that works with gravity, so in space, it doesn’t close completely. If an astronaut burps, it becomes a wet burp and I suppose he (or she) gets to taste the food all over again (with a little stomach acid as a condiment). Doesn’t sound tasty to me.






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