Fun Science Fact

ID 23471496 © Ryan Faas |      ID 28394049 © Ryan Faas |

Okay, so this isn’t so much a fun science fact. It’s more of an amazing human activity. Recently, a friend clued me in to the very new extreme sport of volcano boarding. I couldn’t find any non-copyright-infringing photos of this, so try to imagine the girl above sliding down the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua (picture on left) using only that sled/surfboard looking thing. Amazing, right?

The goggles and full body jumpsuit are necessary because that’s crushed up volcanic rock they’re surfing on. Volcanic rock is composed of quite a lot of silica (also known as glass). Like snowboarding on glass. I’m guessing it’s not too much fun if you wipeout, but it looks like a fun ride!

For more on the sport, including much better pictures, see this site:


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