In this, my first blog post ever, I want to explain my vision for this blog and give you a little background on me. I’m a Christian who made the decision to follow Jesus when I was 29. My conversion was no great epiphany, just a gradual acceptance of who Jesus was (God) and that He wanted me. Although the journey was gradual, it wasn’t easy. I struggled with a large emotional obstacle that spurred me on in my quest to find peace—childhood abuse. I went through many years of counseling and my counselors all said the same thing. Forgive the person who hurt you. I found that I couldn’t do it. Even more than that, I didn’t want to. I wanted to hold on to the bitterness and hate, the frustration I felt over a life that should have been different.

The abuse came with side effects which lasted for years. Panic attacks, insecurity and fear, especially fear of trusting anyone. And though I wanted these things to go away, I never really thought they would. So I plodded along, in pain and confusion, until the blessed day I discovered I could let it all go. When I realized Jesus was the ultimate judge, I gave up my need to control everything, including the fate of my abuser. I let Jesus deal with the aftermath of the abuse and gave Him the responsibility for justice for my abuser.

At the time I accepted Jesus, I had a job as a Research Geologist at the Iowa Geological Survey. I believed in evolution and continued to do so for many years after I became a Christian. A few years later, I decided to leave the geological survey to stay at home with our growing family. Then, my husband and I attended a class at church which delved into the evidence for creation (the belief that God created the earth in six days, usually coupled with the belief the earth is quite a lot younger than 4 billion years). I was amazed at the lines of evidence that pointed to a special creation of the earth in the recent past, which I will talk about more in future posts. When I critically examined the evidence for both evolution and creation, I saw the evidence could point to either theory, depending on your starting point (the assumptions you make about the past). That left me with a choice. Would I believe a man-made theory or what God says in the Bible? My answer was God.

For the record, I believe you can be a saved Christian and also believe in evolution. I was for five years. My purpose in this blog is not to turn other people into creationists. My purpose is to consider science from a godly perspective. And to that end, I will hold the Bible as the highest authority on truth. Even if you don’t agree, I invite you to join me in my humble attempt to examine science the way I believe our creator intended.


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